About Charles Ryan

Sometimes, things just fall into place by accident. Charles moved to Borneo in 2008 to work on community development projects with a focus on conservation. The focus of these projects was to create alternative livelihoods through the form of forest restoration projects, capacity training, and community tourism initiatives. One of the main goals of these projects is to curb illegal poaching and logging in rural communities. Today, the projects are successful and still running and Charles is still involved with consulting work with them. The current project he is working on is in a village on the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu with the goal of creating alternatives to poaching and depending on forest products through education, awareness, and tourism initiatives in the community. In part with this, he spends time training individuals that are interested in becoming nature guides throughout Borneo, which he believes is an invaluable skill to promote conservation. He has now been living in Borneo for over 10 years, and am an expert naturalist specializing mammals, birds, and rainforest ecology.

Having traveled extensively throughout the world with visiting over 50 countries; primarily in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. When traveling, his focus is to photograph rare wildlife and traditional communities and use images to educate people on the importance of tradition and conservation. Some of his favorite places to travel include expeditions into the interior of Borneo, Papua, DR Congo, and remote regions of Myanmar.

Being an avid photographer, Charles' work is specialized in wildlife of Asia. His most extensive work is documenting all of the fauna of Borneo, which include the first images taken of several species with a DSLR. Charles has images that have been published in NPR, Audubon Magazine, and various science journals. He works with DRK Photo agency and National Geographic Expeditions, which specialize in worldwide wildlife images. Charles also runs wildlife photography workshops throughout Asia.

Charles is an ambassador for F-Stop Gear and Forsake.